Kanizsa Trend Kft.

About Kanizsa Trend Kft.:

Our aim is to obtain the long term satisfaction and trust of our partners through high quality well-organised work, quality products and professionalism, and to become market leaders through the development of the quality of our services, becoming a substantial player inland and on the international market.

In order to achieve this we strive to know and understand the needs and expectations of our current and future customers, to explore and minimize the risks associated with accomplishment and to comply on a high level of quality and reliability. The indicator of our performance and the pledge of our success is our customer’s and owners’ content and long time trust.
We are constantly developing our management system and apply the principle of prevention consistently. Improvement is the task of each and every employee of ours.

We declare and warrant to constantly develop the technologies which may affect the environment and to inhibit unfavourable environment impact, and to prevent environment pollution. We are dedicated to a clean and tidy environment and the protection of Nature’s treasures. During the course of our activities, we put special emphasis on complying with the law in effect and other prescriptions upon our factors affecting the environment and upon the security of the population affected by our activities.


Website: http://andante.hu/
Telephone: +3693/500-112
E-mail: info@kanizsatrend.hu