Ubrankovics Girder and Prefabricated House Manufacturer Ltd.

Ubrankovics Girder and Prefabricated House Manufacturer Ltd.


Ubrankovics Ltd. is a woodworking family business founded in 1990. Our defining activity is energy-saving log and prefabricated houses manufactured with large-panel technology and outdoor wooden architecture. In 2004, our company was one of the first in Hungary to put into operation CNC technology to solve these tasks, and since then we have met the expectations of our customers with quality raw materials, excellent production technology, conscientious work and European certifications.

In 2011, we were the first domestic manufacturers to receive the European Technical Approval (ETA – 11/0279) from Holzforschung Austria, one of the most well-known certification institutes in the EU.

Our products combine respect for tradition with the opportunities and expectations of today’s technology. As foresters-timber-architects, we pay special attention to environmentally conscious wooden architectural solutions that use natural raw materials and represent traditional values with the possibilities of the modern age.


Address: 800/5 Ágfalva-Liget 9423
Phone: +36 99 331 221
E-mail: info@ubrankovics.hu
Website: ubrankovics.hu | faepiteszet.hu