Scabello Industrial and Service Lp.

Scabello Industrial and Service Lp.

SCABELLO Industrial and Service Lp. was founded in 1992, its main activity was the production of unique furniture, supplemented by the production of unique building carpentry products, and the performance of various services (repairs, renovations, etc.), as well as the trade of furniture auxiliary materials and accessories.

Our company is currently 80% engaged in scenery production, the remaining 20% capacity is used in the production of unique furniture, chair production, interior design, business, hotel and home decoration. We have furnished restaurants, cafes, hotels, dormitories, produced exhibition installations, outdoor decorations, murals, and sculptures. Today, we are also able to manufacture stage equipment, for example a rotating stage or any structure capable of movement. We create installations for museums and public institutions.

Our current workforce is nearly 50 people. With this number of employees, we can ensure that even when the load is high, we can complete our task in a short time. We do not employ subcontractors for the complete execution of each one.

We are constantly developing our company. We try to use new materials and learn the new technologies necessary for them. Two years ago we bought a laser equipment, a CNC top milling machine and a vacuum forming machine.

We also create sets abroad, we are regularly present in St. Petersburg and Vienna, but we have also created sets in New York, Bergen, and Paris.

Between 2000 and 2020, nearly 700 theater and TV sets were made. In addition, we have carried out numerous interior design projects and production of exhibition and event installations. In 2000 – at the request of the Szeged National Theater and Outdoor Games – full-scale production of stage sets began at the site. First, the sets for the 2000 Outdoor Games were made in the workshops, and this was followed by numerous stone theater productions at the National Theater in Szeged. In 2003, we gained national recognition with the performance “Faust” directed by Róbert Alföldi, which opened the way to Budapest theaters. That’s when we came into contact with the Madách Theater, and we produced set elements for their production entitled “Phantom of the Opera House”.

After that, several other theaters in Budapest contacted me, and the sets of the major productions were made for the Katona József Theater, the Vigszínház, the Operetta Theater, the Thália Theater, the National Theater, and the new Theater. In 2004, we also made sets for rural theaters (Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, Csiky Gergely Theater in Kaposvári).

Our site covers 2 hectares, we have more than 3,000 m2 of built-up area, which consists of locksmith and carpentry workshops, surface treatment workshop, scene painting and sculpture workshop, assembly halls, warehouses and service rooms. We have a fairly substantial production capacity, and we can work quickly and with good technology in a relatively short time.

We carry out the production with our own capacity and complete execution. This includes carpentry, locksmithing, upholstering, scenery painting and surface treatment. For this, we have had a stable team of specialists for many years.


Address: 28 Csatár Street, Szeged 6753
Phone: +36 20 935 7656