RapidTető Ltd.

RapidTető Ltd.

RapidTető Ltd. deals primarily with the design, manufacture, and construction of nail plate roof structures for end users. Prefabricated roof structures are a quick and cost-effective solution for builders and renovators alike, since the elements prepared during precise planning and factory production can be quickly assembled at the construction site without further corrections. We make the structures by using specially optimized wooden materials for binding, additional cost savings can be achieved with traditional roof structures.

Manufacture of nail plate wooden structures and nail plate roofs from quality raw materials, with a fast turnaround time.

Durable roof structures directly from the manufacturer.

Service areas: roof structure of family houses, apartment buildings, halls, roof structure of agricultural buildings.


Address: Lot number 049/22 Jánosmajor, Vaszar 8542
Phone: +36 20 523 4193
E-mail: info@rapidteto.hu  
Website: rapidteto.hu