Faipari Tudományos Alapítvány

FATA was founded in 1992 by the Scientific Association for the Wood Industry. The aim of the foundation was to support wood science research and education at the Simonyi Károly Faculty of Technology, Wood Science and Applied Arts at the University of Sopron. The focus is on practical education, further training, knowledge transfer and artificial activity with wood.

Main activities:

  • Publication of specialist books and publications for the promotion of the Hungarian timber industry
  • Professional training and seminars
  • Organization and handling of events and forums
  • Expansion of cooperation between the university and specialist organizations, support for joint projects
  • Strengthening the internal cohesion of the industry, promoting collaboration within the industry
  • Sensitization and improvement of the PR of wood following the program of environmentally conscious education
  • Establishing and maintaining media connections, strengthening the electronic information presence
  • Networking with partner organizations, international partners


Website: http://fata.nyme.hu/
E-mail: hhk@fmk.nyme.hu