FAGOSZ – National Association of Forestry

FAGOSZ – National Association of Forestry

Fagosz – National Association of Forestry

The main goals of FAGOSZ are to popularize the use of wood, to use the wood from local forests to the highest possible quality with a higher degree of processing and to bring it to the market. Furthermore, the goal is to develop better communication channels within the association. The association is concerned with increasing the recognition of the timber industry and with improving the vitality and attractiveness of forest companies.

The most important element in achieving our goals is the operation of our website www.fataj.hu and the support of our weekly newsletters. We also have an online database www.fatudakozo.hu, which lists more than 8,300 Hungarian companies on the one hand and a lot of practical information on the company’s services on the other.


Address: 37 Diószegi street Budapest 1113
E-mail: info@fagosz.hu
Website: fagosz.hu