Eurofa 2000 Ltd.

Eurofa 2000 Ltd.

We founded our company on 05/20/1996. We work to provide all our partners with excellent products and quality services through our professional experience.

In our opinion, quality wooden doors and windows have a place in today’s fast-paced world, so our goal is that those who are new to construction and renovation can find everything they need for the home of their dreams with us at the best possible price-value ratio.

Our customers’ satisfaction is most important to us. Our goal is to fulfill orders to a high standard and at attractive prices. Our offers are constantly adjusted to the changing needs and expectations of the market.

Our company is committed to the production of high-quality wooden doors and windows that meet the technical and aesthetic expectations of the current age, including the surface treatment of wooden doors and windows.

In addition to doors and windows, we also make other wood-based products. We manufacture kitchen furniture, stairs, wardrobes and garden furniture to individual orders. We sell a wide selection of other wood products, tools and accessories.


Address: 5 Sömögyei street, Keszthely 8360
Phone: +36 83 515 801
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