Solar decathlon europe has come to hungary in 2019

ÉMI Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (ÉMI), operating as the background institute of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in Hungary, in cooperation with the Municipal Government of Szentendre town and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) won the right to organize Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 in the designated city of Szentendre, the prestigious international innovative house-building competition of universities. As the main professional subject matter, the Hungarian organizer emphasizes solutions aimed at the renovation of the existing building stock and it will pose a number of new challenges to the competitors: the challenges to perform will include the application of local recycled materials, the high-level integration of solar photovoltaic and solar cell systems, the issue and solution of the summer overheating of buildings, bioclimatic planning and nature-based solutions, as well as the use of high performance composite materials. The event to be held at ÉMI Szentendre Industrial Park, including the fourteen days of the competition and the extended exhibition of two months, is expected to attract around a hundred thousand local and international visitors, in addition to the approximately 500 competing university students and the people accompanying them. 


Tozek on Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition

Inspired by natural forms, Tozek is an outdoor furniture that combines innovative design, environmentally friendly materials and renewable resources which go along the objectives of Solar Decathlon program. Tozek is a result of INTERREG InnoWood Austrian-Hungarian projects’ Innovation Camp which was organised in may (InnoWoods’ leading partner: PANFA Accredited Innovation Cluster). It also involved students and colleagues from University of Sopron, Simonyi Károly faculty. Furthermore it enjoyed committed support of top sponzors like JAF Holz Ungarn Kft., Remmers Ungarn Kft., SD Sinus Design, Wood Industry Scientific Organization (FATA) and FABAK Kft. Outdoor furniture is one of the 6 winning furniture from the INNOWOOD project. The INNOWOOD furniture, the finest works, were successfully showcased last year at the International Timber Trade Fair in Klagenfurt, last year’s Home Design Exhibition and this year at Construmat. It’s a great pleasure to have TOZEK in the Solar Dechatlon area as one of the most exciting builds.