There were numerous worksophs and meetings in 2018 within InnoWood project. Several  researches and studies have been made about technological opportunities and customer trends.

The project was intended to take advantage of being in border region, pursueing building connections between Austrian and Hungarian enterpreneurs, educational institutions and students. From the end of February those affected had the possibility to personally debate. They could shape the direction of developement and „niche” segments of participants of the Innovation camp held in may. Of course defining developement directions  after just one workshop is not possible. Therefore students, teachers and enterpreneurs had the chance to share their opinions on further six workshops from april.

The aim of these were to jointly define the solvable problems of wood- and wooden architecture industries. Furthermore, to let participants, mentors and mentored of the Innovation camp know of the results of former workshops. They examined issues like functionality, design and vision regarding product developement.

At the beginning of may as well as at the end of september, 5-day Innovation Camps were organized. As a result of careful preparations students came up with numerous ideas, with the help of metors. Thanks to this, 6 ideas became prototypes.

 Study tours organised in 2018: 

  • March 2018: One day study trip – Sopron-Thomasberg (IKEA, F-List)
  • April 2018: Study tour in Finland, getting to know the activity of Woodpolis wood industry cluster
  • April 2018: Study tour in Milan – visiting CATAS quality certification institute; participation in one of the biggest wood industry fair – Salone del Mobile; visiting exciting showrooms of Fuorisalone
  • June 2018: Study tour in Upper Austria – insight into the most innovative, most exciting wood industry companies of Upper Austria region: Speedmaster GmbH, Altholz, SFK Tischler, Obermayr Holzkonstruktionen GmbH, Schachermayer GmbH, Roomle GmbH, MHC – Upper Austrian Furniture and Wooden Architecture Cluster, Steininger Designers GmbH, PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes