Study tour in Styria, 17-18. of April 2019.

In April 2019 a two-day study tour will be organised in Styria. On this occasion wood- and furniture industry delegates, as well as awarded students of Austrian-Hungarian Wood Architecture Innovation Camp (organised in september) can take part.

Ont he first day participants are going to visit the Wood Innocation Center, Stora Enso CLT company, XAL innovative LED lightings and elecrtonic product manufacturer, as well as PIA Automation. On the second day Gaulhofer company will be visited which is a doors and windows manufacturer. Furthermore, they will visit ThreeSixty Media Solutions media agency and Holzbauforschungs GmbH as well.

Construma 03-07 of August 2019

„The boom in recent years concerning domestic building industry, as well as the revived market creates new challanges for companies and market participants. Despite the difficulties, the sector has made significant progress and is expected to remain so. Time (or the lack of it) is a crucial question for professionals. For this reason, relationship building and care, the amount of information, professional knowledge, that can be collected within a single unit of time is of utmost importance to everyone. One of the best ways to this is the exhibition and so Construma. Construma is not only an exhibition but a complex presentation of all that is needed for constructions, creating and designing homes. It is unique in Central and Eastern Europe.

There is a strong emphasis on giving professionals opportunity for development. Therefore -with the help of professional partners- they are offering such conferences and workshops which present the latest tendencies, technological novelties and relevant professional questions. This year they would like to focus on innovation and new solutions.”

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