Construma exhibition

Hungexpo organizes its home making trade expo, CONSTRUMA, between 3 and 7 April 2019 at the Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre.
CONSTRUMA has gone through considerable changes in the last couple of years. The biggest Hungarian construction industry expo has become a complex and comprehensive home making trade expo and professional platform offering a wide range of stands for visitors and demonstrating future trends in one place at one time, and, as a result, it is unique all over Eastern and Central Europe. Its significance is indicated by the fact that almost 550 exhibitors come from nearly 20 countries each year and the expo is usually visited by 45-50 thousand people. All five pavilions and most of the free areas are involved in CONSTRUMA and the related fairs.

Trade programmes
Hungexpo puts great emphasis on providing professionals with the opportunity to improve. In order to do that they organize conferences and workshops about the latest tendencies, technological innovations and current issues of the trade for visitors.

Hungexpo organizes the trade expo, HUNGAROTHERM, for the tenth time this year. This year air technology will be in the focus of attention. This branch of building engineering attracts the most exhibitors. At Reneo, a part of HUNGAROTHERM, solar panel and heat pump manufacturing companies will be represented. The solar panel mechanic training session in Pavilion D is also organized for solar panel expert. Moreover, a solar panel show will be held at the weekend especially for the public wishing to build houses. The same pavilion will host the EcoCity showroom where visitors’ questions about net zero energy use and its innovative solutions will be answered.

The Hungarian Furniture Association awaits its visitors with a number of high quality programmes at HOMEDesign expo this year, too. The aim of the Association is to create a series of events that activates the whole wood industry. There is going to be a Woodlike workshop, Innowood will be introduced again, and the annual general assembly and trade conference of the Association will be held here with the title “Sustainability and Green Solutions in the Wood Industry”. This year’s cooperation will have a curiosity, a mini exhibition called Green Furniture.

Green Furniture – Sustainable Furniture Production in Hungary: all the pieces of furniture exhibited here were created in the spirit of environmentally conscious design. The work and brands of successful Hungarian designers will be shown here, designers who commit to sustainable development in their branding. They think holistically, that is, they feel responsible for the environment and the society and take our carbon footprint, our effect on the community and nature and the long-term consequences of our activities into consideration when taking developmental measures.

One of the spectacles of this year’s expo will be the stand ‘DESIGN-GENERATIONS” where home decoration ideas will be shown in two interiors with identical floor areas but for two different target groups. The interior called START UP, designed by the National Association of Interior Designers, was made for young couples who wish to live in big cities: a feeling of freedom, playfulness, sleaze and a youthful, urban style are all in the centre of attention. The interior called LUX UP was designed for a middle-aged couple, it is an apartment with elegant, representative and timeless design. Organizers wish to provide visitors with a source of ideas while looking at these two installations.

CONSTRUMA Garden is an integral part of the exhibition bunch. The big spring parade of garden planning, creating and culture is becoming more and more attractive among visitors. Visitors can purchase equipment, small appliances, ornamentals and get free garden planning and ornamental care counselling as well. They may even get new inspiration for their gardens from the spectacular stands of the 11th Hungarian Garden Building Competition and Show, supported by the Agricultural Marketing Centre. The work of the young experts of Euroskills will be broadcast live. Bonsai and cactus shows, pest control counselling will also be available for visitors.