About Ypszilon-Hungary Engineering and Counselling Ltd:

Ypszilon-Hungary Engineering Ltd is the exclusive importer and representative of the companies CASADEI MACCHINE and BUSELLATO CNC. The company sells machinery and technology according to the customers’ needs at the minimum possible cost. Being the Hungarian representative of the Italian parent company they can use its logistic base so they are able to ship machines, spare parts and finished products in 2-3 days to the customer directly.

While choosing or purchasing a machine or technology, customers may use several other services but equipment may be bought without any extra services or skills. Since it is an engineering office, Ypszilon-Hungary offers counselling, technology design, installation, shipping, grant application writing and the preparation of factory financing as well. They mend machinery within and outside the guarantee period with the help of their established service network in order to return machines back to production as soon as possible.

Further details:

Webpage: http://www.ypszilonkft.hu/
Telephone: +3630/465-65-77
E-mail: info@ypszilonkft.hu