About The Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts:

The Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts has a special place within Hungarian higher education: in addition to the nationally unique wood-related higher education that is offered by SKF and their other technical programs, the applied arts education started in the 1990’s, and the even newer IT training are also important. These three areas – technical sciences, information technology and arts – do not merely co-exist, but complement each other to allow the training of versatile and competent professionals.

Wood Sciences are still determinant at the faculty. Their education and research experience of over 50 years guarantees that their students get the best and highest quality training in this field. Throughout the years, their education has been continually updated and adapted to the needs of the industry and to the new challenges, to provide state-of-the-art knowledge for their students.

In addition to wood industry, all other programs provide excellent training as well. The reputation of their arts education attracts students from all around the country, so they can participate in the high quality training in Sopron. Their information technology program generates mostly regional interest, but their graduates have their pick of well-paid jobs in Hungary or abroad.

In addition to education, SKF is the only wood research institution in Hungary. The many research assignments worth a hundred million HUF a year from the Hungarian wood industries demonstrate the reputation of their research and innovation.

They have also taken part in many Hungarian and international research grant application successfully.

Besides research in wood industry, research in light industry, information technology and arts – which has many connecting points with wood industry – has an increasing role as well. In addition to their pioneering research and innovation, their accredited laboratories offer a range of standardised testing services for companies in the field.

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