Successful PANFA workshop in Sopron

PANFA Accredited Innovation Cluster organized a workshop at the University of West Hungary, in Sopron, on 7 March 2014. During the organization process, the emphasis was put on the improvement of competitiveness and on the introduction of innovative informatics tools, possibilities and new materials.

In the afternoon Polyston s.r.o. – the only Slovakian company that uses materials for the production of worktops and counters that they have developed themselves – was introduced. During the presentation visitors had the opportunity to see the latest innovative material, POLYSTON, and could take a look at the PC Point equipment and furniture, washbasins as well as worktops produced by special surface treatment ,methods and equipped by professional tools.

The workshop beginning at 2 pm was about the possible cooperation of ITC (Info-communication technology) and the wood industry. Participants could listen to the lectures of the colleagues at the Simonyi Károly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts and at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

First Professor Dr László Jereb, Dr Levente Dénes and Dr László Bacsárdi introduced the possibilities of IT in the wood industry, then Dr Kinga Gerencsér gave a presentation about recording and processing timber using mobile phones. After that Dr Ferenc Divós talked about his research results in constant moisture content measuring in industrial environments. Dr Charaf Hassan and Dr László Lengyel from the BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics introduced the latest IT trends as well as integrated systems and software solutions, applications elaborated in former projects which are relevant from the aspect of efficiency improvement in the wood industry.

Following these thought-provoking lectures, the members of PANFA Cluster talked about the most frequent problems occurring among business enterprises which could be solved in cooperation with IT experts and the details of the forthcoming Ligno Novum Fair were also discussed.