About the Scientific Foundation for Wood Industry:

The Scientific Society for Wood Industry founded the Scientific Foundation for Wood Industry in 1992. The main aim of forming the foundation is to support the aspirations of the Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts at the University of West Hungary, in order to assist scientific research and education in the wood industry with the help of professional and social cooperation. As for the latest one, they put special emphasis on practical training, further education, information distribution and artistic activities using wood.

Main activities

  • Publishing reference books and information publications introducing and promoting Hungarian wood industry
  • Professional further education, initiating courses
  • Organizing and realizing professional events and forums
  • Expanding the system of relations between the university and professional organizations, inducing common project participations
  • Increasing the inner cohesion of the sector, assisting professional cooperation
  • Raising awareness and promoting the image of wood in connection with environmental education programs
  • Creating and maintaining contacts with the media, increasing electronic information appearances
  • Building and keeping contacts with partner organizations and international partners

Further details: