About Revolutio-2000 Engineering Ltd:
Their main profile is the production of drying equipment (traditional and vacuum). Moreover, they design and produce dust- and chip extractors, surface finishers and hazardous gas- and steam extractors. They have all necessary knowledge and permissions so their services include all plans and calculations needed for their tasks and meeting regulations – occupational health, State Medical Services, fire- and environmental protection tests – and also obtaining permissions. Their engineering bureau mainly works for wood industry companies but they have designed and produced exhaust systems for a:
• shoe producing factory,
• plant producing computer parts,
• company producing steel roof elements – to exhaust stone dust,
• company producing carbon brushes and panthographs – to exhaust graphite and copper dust,
• company producing petroleum products.

Their design and contractor activities:
• Vacuum and convection drying chambers
• Heat treatment and steaming equipment
• Dust and chip extractors
• Energetic equipment
• Furnaces
• Wood briquettes producing equipments, technological lines
• Pellet producing equipment, technological lines
• Surface finishers
• Air technical systems
• Expert tasks
Further details:
Telephone: +3692/315-768