PANFA welcomes new members

PANFA Accredited Innovation Cluster is open to further expansion since efficient cooperation depends on the diversity of members, on support activities and on trends as well. Árkossy Furniture Ltd and Garzon Furniture Co have used the opportunity to enter the cluster recently and we would like to welcome them among our members.

Now our cluster has 49 members and within them the furniture industry line has been improved by two new members.

Árkossy Furniture Ltd was founded in 1992, its owners are: wood industry engineer Mr Tamás Árkossy and his wife, economist Mrs Emese Árkossy. The basic activity of the company has been furniture production, mainly designing and producing unique and design furniture, since the very beginning.

Garzon Furniture Co operates in the centre of the company group in Székesfehérvár. The main direction of the company’s activities is furniture production. They mainly massproduce in medium- and large-scale but make custom-designed products in small-scale, too.

PANFA is open to further expansion. The management organization can provide more information about this.