About Holz-Team Doors and Windows Distribution and Servicing Ltd:

In its product development strategy, Holz-Team Ltd pays special attention to new consumer needs appearing on the market, and at the same time aims at satisfying the needs of customers who are looking for traditional doors and windows, but prefer a wide range of tailor-made and optional solutions continuously and at a high level of quality. In accordance with this two-sided business policy, they try to extend their standard product range with such products that follow the latest trends of our times, and at the same time they continue designing and manufacturing classic and unconventional wooden doors and windows to satisfy individual needs and ideas. Their products are made of torsion-free solid wood glued in many layers with factory surface finish meeting the strictest heat- and noise insulation, as well as air- and water tightness requirements. Moreover, they follow the highest needs of the present age and the challenges of the future and as a result they produce doors and windows with three-layer glass structures and increased profile thickness that have excellent heat- and noise insulation properties and even ALU-WOOD products that merge the intimate and nature-friendly atmosphere of wood with highest-standard technological solutions.

Further details:

Webpage: http://www.holzteam.hu/
Telephone: +3620/365-50-65
E-mail: info@holzteam.hu