About Falco Sopron Bútor Ltd:

The company has had a leading role in the office furniture market of Hungary since its foundation in 1956. Sales doubled between 1996 and 2002. The market and sector crisis that occurred in the second half of the decade led to the renewal of the company through changes in ownership. The essence of the new situation is that former values of the company are merged with the advantages provided by the new owner. The company has always been a reliable partner for its clients offering furniture with good price-value ratios and operating in a “German” order. The product range of the reorganized company follows the needs of the market in a more flexible way and their product choice was complemented by mobile and built-in furniture, dividing- and wall-covering elements that enable the company to furnish health-care and education institutions, hotels and other community spaces.

Further details:

Webpage: http://www.falcosopron.hu/hu/
Telephone: 20/965-96-77
E-mail: info.sopron@falcosopron.hu