About Fadoktor Engineering Bureau Ltd

Fadoktor Engineering Bureau Ltd is a family enterprise working in the areas of Finnish log-houses building and wood preservation. The founders are professionals with many years of experience in the construction- and wood industries, wood preservation, wood products manufacturing, pedagogy and education. They consider environmentally friendly wood preservation providing natural wood use and long-term utilization as their most important tasks.

In their activities they put the main emphasis on the design, transport and building of Finnish log houses. Their world-class products and experienced building team with more than 15 years of construction experience allow them to create energy-saving, long-lasting family homes of lasting value.

Furthermore, they wish to find cooperation possibilities with their old and future partners as distributors of soaking- and loading equipment, wood preservatives and also as technical examiners carrying out professional tests and wood preservation processes.

Further details:

Webpage: www.fadoktor-mi.hu
E-mail: info@fadoktor-mi.hu
Telephone: 30/2167-692