About FA-FERI Ltd:

FA-FERI Ltd was founded in January 1991 with 1 employee to carry out carpentry work and to distribute wood industry raw- and auxiliary materials. The company’s foundation was motivated by the ambitions of the founder, the need for providing better and higher quality services, the growing demand for unique products with domestic purposes and the need to become the supplier of furniture producing business enterprises.

Their self-made machines have been replaced by the most innovative ones during their development, they have bought means of transport, and the number of employees has grown to 115.

Their continuous development is the result of the constant improvement of their knowledge, the adaptation to changing business environments and high-quality work.

Since 1994 they have produced frames for upholstered furniture in small and large quantities as suppliers for big seating-producing companies. They sell all kinds of boards as dealers of FALCO and MOFA Ltd. On retail level they offer all kinds of furniture accessories and auxiliary materials and their plant produces various types of upholstered furniture and carry out wood machining, too.

Further details:

Webpage: http://www.faferi.hu/
E-mail: info@faferi.hu
Telephone: 93/536-276