About ERFARET Non-profit Ltd

ERFARET Non-profit Ltd (Knowledge Centre for Forest and Wood Utilization) is a university founded research and development organization in the west Hungarian region. The company mainly employs university students and post-doctoral researchers. Since 2008 they have been contributing to the innovation in the region, in Hungary and in cross-border areas in forestry, wood industry and agriculture. Their research and development projects are initiated mainly by their partners, especially small- and medium-sized business enterprises working in the sector. ERFARET has been operating a 3D Tech laboratory with state of the art 3D laser scanning, rapid prototyping (3D printing) and reverse engineering solutions for their partners, university students and researchers since 2010. Nevertheless, the focus in their dissemination activity is on the exploitation of their research results but it also includes open access journal editing and publishing, bilingual e-library development and management to preserve professional and cultural heritage of the region, as well as conference and workshop organization for knowledge transfer.


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Telephone: +3699/518-602