The members of our cluster offer products and services for companies working in the same sector and also for individuals. As cluster our greatest strength is based on the manifold wood-industrial activities of our members. In order to demonstrate our competences, we can say: together we can design, build and furnish a complete building according to individual needs.

We can summarize the activities of our members as follows:

Architectural design and realization activities
The design and realization of wooden frame- and log houses, energy-saving finished houses, building complexes and outdoor structures (bridges, lookout towers, garden pavilions), roof structures, wall- and floor covering or fences.

Interior design, technical consulting
Interior design, furnishing-, wood-protection and energetic counselling.

Furnishing living spaces – homes and workplaces
Unique and mass-produced furniture for offices and homes in various styles. Solid-wood furniture made from noble wood using artisan techniques, design products, upholstered furniture, corpora, saunas and whirlpools.

Kitchen furniture
The design, production and installation of unique and mass-produced kitchen furniture using personalized solutions.

Staircases and railings
Designing, producing and installing unique indoor and outdoor staircases, railings assisted by personal counselling.

Doors and windows
Producing a wide range of entrance- and interior doors, windows and shutters using personalized techniques.

Floor boards, parquets
A wide choice of solid wood floor boards, parquet boards, terrace covering and skirting boards with counselling.